SMART Spelling supports primary school teachers to feel great about teaching spelling well.  

We do this through a package of a course and a manual.

Hi! I'm Michelle Hutchison and I developed SMART Spelling because I was a frustrated classroom teacher!  I felt like I had other curriculum areas under control, but never spelling.  I always wanted to do better.  With many years of further study and research at Melbourne Uni, I developed SMART Spelling and released it to everyone in 2015!  It's now used (and loved) by thousands of teachers, all across Australia, who are thrilled with the depth of knowledge they and their students develop using the SMART approach.  


You'll love such a sensible approach to teaching spelling. Yes!  Really...

The words 'love' and 'spelling' in the same sentence! 

We often hear "it just makes so much sense"!


Let me show you a simple routine to teach spelling. There's a Foundation – 6 scope and sequence and a comprehensive 263 page manual, with the words broken up for you!  We start by teaching the meaning of words to expand vocabulary and then break words into syllables, sounds and letter patterns (graphs, digraphs and trigraphs).

The Course

To implement the SMART Spelling approach, teachers need to do the course and have a manual.  The course takes whole school day to complete and it’s full of practical content that covers what to actually do in your classroom.  I'll show you how to deliver both explicit lessons and how to give meaningful feedback to students at the point of need, when they're writing.  You’ll be well supported through the course by 48 pages of comprehensive notes.

The online course can be done at any time that suits you.  You can even type in questions that I'll answer for you - as quickly as I can!   The 2.5 hours of video footage takes the equivalent of a whole school day to complete by the time you do the activities, reflect, discuss, ask questions or read the answers to other people's questions in the login area.  The certificate is for five hours. You’ll have a month of access to the online course from the time of purchase. Usually the course is completed in one day, however you can break it up into shorter sessions if you wish.  The contents of the course is the same, whether you do it online or face to face.  


The Manual

The manual is a 263 page coil bound resource for teachers.  It contains a yearly scope and sequence from Foundation to Year 6 that I explain how to use in the course.  There's a huge resource of spelling lists, with the words broken up for you!  You don't need the manual with you to do the course, but you will need it to implement this into a classroom.

Manuals are posted out ASAP by the next business day.



SMART Spelling incorporates both the systematic teaching of spelling each week and also personal words.  We teach in patterns as much as possible, so teachers choose a range of words (from simple to complex) from a suggested list in the manual.  Students are then guided to choose from that list, to meet different needs.  Teachers use their strong professional knowledge they gain in the course to give meaningful feedback to students about their spelling in writing, teaching at the point of need.  


Teachers feel confident in their content knowledge and know that SMART Spelling fits into a busy classroom.

It’s simple and easy...It's even fun!

3 packages to choose from

Online Package


per person that includes:

  • The online SMART Spelling course for one person
  • A PDF of the notes (48 pages)
  • A SMART Spelling Manual (retail $88)
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In Person Package


per person that includes:

  • The course presented in person by Michelle at our venue
  • Printed notes booklet (48 pages)
  • A SMART Spelling Manual
  • Morning tea and lunch ☕️🥪
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Whole School Package


per person that includes:

  • The course presented by Michelle online or in person*
  • Printed notes booklets (48 pages)
  • SMART Spelling Manuals 
  • 12 months of access to the Follow Up Course (online)
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Payment by credit card or PayPal. A tax invoice will be emailed to you automatically after purchase.  For school orders, payment is available by bank transfer.  If you have a purchase order number, enter it at checkout and if not, just leave it blank.  

I already have a manual, I just need the training.

I just want manuals with no training for now. Teachers really need the training to use this well.



🔴 How long do I have access to the online course?

One month from the time of purchase. The course content is the equivalent of one school day.  We find that if you stretch it out any more than that, you'll forget bits! You can re-watch the course as many times as you like within your month of access.  Of course, if anything unexpected happens and you don't get to finish the course we will happily extend it for you.


🔴 How long does it take to do the course?

It takes a whole school day. The online course has a total of 2.5 hours of video content that's broken into 14 shorter videos.  It takes a whole school day to complete though, as you pause to do the activities, make notes, type in questions and read other people's questions and the answers too!  Some schools choose to complete the online course over 2-3 after school sessions.  You get a PDF certificate emailed for 5 hours of professional learning.


🔴 What's covered in the SMART Spelling course?

Video 1: Background

  • The 4 areas of spelling knowledge and what they mean for the classroom

Video 2: Letters and Sounds 

  • Linking phonological knowledge to orthographic knowledge
  • How and when to explicitly teach

Video 3: The SMART Spelling Sequence 

  • How to teach spelling using the SMART Sequence!

Video 4: Giving Meaningful Feedback in Writing 

  • The 80/20 rule and where to place your teaching emphasis
  • The power of personalised 'BOB' spelling words - in the right dose!

Video 5: Classroom Implementation 

  • The weekly spelling routine that is doable in a classroom

Video 6: The F - 6 Scope and Sequence

  • The 3 step method for teaching sounds and letters
  • The Foundation sequence (for the first year of school)
  • The Year 1 – 6 Scope and Sequence

Video 7: How Words Work: Letters 

  • How words work: Letters
  • Making sense of split digraphs

Video 8: How Words Work: Sounds

  • A sustainable strategy to say unvoiced/voiced sounds correctly 
  • How to deal with accents
  • How to pronounce the 24 consonant sounds of English
  • How to pronounce the 20 vowel sounds of English

Video 9: How Words Work: Syllables 

  • Why syllables are helpful and when to use them
  • Teaching syllables using karate hands
  • How to use syllables dots

Video 10: How Words Work: x and u 

  • Letters representing more than one sound

Video 11: Either End of the Curve 

  • Revision of SMART using 'au' words
  • Student on modified programs
  • Two ways to enrich students who can already spell

Video 12: Spelling Study Activities

  • Colour coding
  • Spelling points
  • Spelling stickers
  • Spelling grid

Video 13: How Words Work: Spelling Rules 

  • Why students need to know base words, consonant suffixes and vowel suffixes
  • The 4 SMART Spelling Rules
  • Words sums

Video 14: Plurals

  • When teaching more than one
  • Follow up and thank you



🔴 Where can I get those circle spelling stamps?

They're a lot of fun!  You can buy them here.


🔴 I'd like a refresher.  Is there a follow up course?

You might be interested in the Follow Up Course. 


🔴 What about Foundation classes?

You'll be interested in The SMART Foundation Supplement. It's optional (and helpful) for teachers of children in their first year of school.

🔴 Who are some schools that do a whole school approach?