The Follow Up Course

12 months of access to develop mastery!


This course covers 10 topics and you get to:

  1. Revise the SMART Spelling approach by watching 10 short videos (under 10 minutes long).
  2. Refine your teaching by doing 10 online quizzes.
  3. Ask Michelle questions and read other people's questions and the answers too!


The 10 topics...

You can watch the first video here



Payment by credit card or PayPal. A tax invoice will be emailed to you automatically after purchase.  For school orders, payment is available by bank transfer.  If you have a purchase order number, enter it at checkout and if not, just leave it blank.  

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Can I go in in any order?

Yes, you can go in any order.


How fast can I go through the 10 topics?

You can go as fast as you.


Can I re-watch videos?

Yes!  As many times as you like, within the 12 months of access.  


Do I get results of the quiz?

Yes!  You get feedback immediately and can re-take the quiz, as many times as you'd like to!


What happens after the 12 months of access?

You will feel more confident and be more skilled teaching spelling in your classroom!  Your access to the follow up stops after 12 months.


Do I get a certificate?

Yes!  At the end of the last video, you will be prompted to generate a certificate that will be emailed to you for 3 hours of professional development.


Any other questions?  

Please email Freddy