The SMART Foundation Supplement


An hour of additional online training and digital resources for teachers of children in their first year of school.  There is no time limit to the access of this course. $100 per person.

 SMART Foundation teaches sounds and letters from the

‘Word of the Week’

and common words from 

‘The Sentence of the Week’! 


The 'Word of the Week' inspires curiosity, excitement, hands-on shared experiences, rich oral language and most importantly…fun…and that makes learning stick!  Sounds and letters are taught explicitly and systematically in a carefully structured sequence from the Words of the Week.  ‘The Sentence of the Week’ places the most commonly seen words into meaningful sentences. These common words are explicitly taught by the classroom teacher and there is also home learning to support this called…‘My Weekly Words’


Enjoy a meaningful way to teach sounds, letters and common words in a related way that makes the most of meaning!  You and your kids will have so much fun!  SMART Foundation includes about an hour video training, that is supported by printable notes and 6 digital downloads (see below in the blue section) that will save you time!

The digital resources...

The resources are in Sassoon font for reading as students need to learn recognise/read different fonts for reading but just learn one for handwriting. Only the handwriting materials are available in different fonts. 

The handwriting sheets are available in 5 fonts:

Vic Cursive Script, Sassoon, SA Beginner, NSW manuscript and QLD beginner.

You can watch a 2 minute intro here!



The SMART Foundation Sequence

The structured sequence of sounds, letters and common words to build confidence in beginners.


Phase 1: c, a, t, n, i, p

12 Common words: the, on, that, had, a, it, is, in, big, this, and, off

Phase 2: s, u, e, l, g, b, d

12 Common words: was, up, but, not, went, get, I, to, of, my, they, are

Phase 3: o, j, m, h, f, r

15 Common words: we, can, with, play, he, will, just, have, like, her, come, here, see, an, old

Phase 4: z, y, w, x, v

9 Common Words: do, our, Mum, Dad, said, look, at, next, your

Phase 5: ar, k, ng, ay, sh

12 Common words: you, must, down, going, all, of, his, Sunday, love, could, over, by

Phase 6: ck, ea, ch, er, ea, th

9 Common words: weekend, back, were, then, which, likes, them, there, other

Phase 7: or, th, mb, wh, ee, q, u

12 Common words: you, from, one, has, two, been, looking, some, us, so, much, holiday

Phase 8: a, tch, air, igh

10 Common words: where, what, looked, watch, before, into, friend, for, right, now

Phase 9: a – e, i – e, o – e,

9 Common words: when, good, make, who, first, their, well, because, home



With a week by week

articulation guide.

Watch Michelle sound out all of the words of the week and all of the common words from the sentences of the week on video!  Also download a 5 page document that has them broken up for you to let you teach with confidence.

$100 per person with no time limit to the access.

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