The Whole School Package


There are many advantages to a whole school approach.


We all know that consistency is key!
When staff learn together, they share their enthusiasm. They collaborate, problem solve and support each other.  
Students benefit from using shared language and the cumulative power of building on their previous knowledge and understanding.
"We recently had Michelle come to our school, St Teresa of Kolkata to lead us in a PD day. The day was thought provoking, challenging and most of all inspiring. We came away with a very clear understanding of what we wanted to achieve in the area of spelling and how to achieve it. The resources are incredibly supportive and very easy to use. We were most impressed with how there is continuing support beyond the PD day if and when we need it.
Within days we have created a timeline for where we want to take this, such was the enthusiasm for what we had just learnt. We are excited to see where this learning takes us as a staff but most importantly  where it takes our students' learning outcomes."
Robyn Kelly, June 2024
 Principal, St Teresa of Kolkata Tarneit North
"We have just completed the SMART Spelling online training.  The videos were informative and easy to follow with Michelle giving extra bits of information and advice along the way adding to the practical notes and the comprehensive manual.
We couldn't ask for a more  accommodating team of people to help us start our SMART journey."
Carolyn Yass, December 2023
 St Joachim's Primary School

  “The online SMART Spelling course was highly engaging, succinct and well-organised. The resources provided connect with the online videos.

Michelle’s delivery is authentic, clear and engaging. Teachers felt highly motivated following the sessions. The questions after each video prompted fruitful discussion and collaboration towards achieving a whole school approach to teaching Spelling. 

The teachers felt very inspired and energised‚ÄĚ

Mat McRae, August 2023
Principal, Queenscliff Primary School  

Our school had Michelle come to visit in person for the training.  While our teachers left with their brains full, they were also energised and keen to start implementing.  It was so refreshing to see teachers excited about a program and feeling empowered in their ability to bring it back to the classroom. 


Thank you Michelle and the SMART Spelling team for working with us and guiding us in how to teach spelling well, and being confident.  We can't wait to see our students grow throughout this coming year.  

Jo Capon, February 2023

Heritage College

$255 per person

The Whole School Package

This includes 4 things:

  • Access to the online SMART Spelling course for a month
  • A 263 page coil bound SMART Spelling manual each
  • PLUS printed 48 page notes booklets, saving you time and money
  • PLUS access to The Follow Up Course for 12 months (usually $75 per person)

Only available once per school - when you order for all of your teachers in one order. We define this as at least all of your classroom teachers.

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‚ö†ÔłŹ¬† If you're interested in¬†the possibility of¬†Michelle coming to present in person at your school, please email Freddy¬†¬†[email protected]¬† ¬†
The in person fee is $3,000 plus $255 per person. 
The per person cost includes a manual, printed notes booklets and access to the Follow Up Course for 12 months for each person.


You can display the course on a large screen and complete it together as a staff or some schools prefer to break into smaller groups in separate classrooms to encourage more discussion. You can do the course on a student free day or in 2-3 after school sessions.


  At the end of each one of the 14 videos, there is a question on the screen for reflection and discussion.  


To ask Michelle a question, simply type it in one of the Q & A sections that are located under each video and she will reply as quickly as she can.  You can also read other people's questions and Michelle's answers too.


Each participant gets their own unique login.  Their access stays open for a month so they can revisit parts (if they wish) and also get their certificate from the login area.  The Follow Up Course supports teachers for 12 months after the SMART Spelling course.  It has another 10 videos, 10 quizzes and also the ability to ask Michelle questions, once they have started to implement it into their classrooms.  Many schools use some of the videos from the Follow Up Course for after school meetings.


The whole school package is only available once per school - when you train your whole school in one order.  We define this as at least all of your classroom teachers.  Whether that's 3 or 303 depends on your school, there are not minimum numbers! 


Please place your whole school order in time to allow the manuals and notes booklets to be posted to you ($15 capped postage per order anywhere in Australia).  After you have ordered we will ask you for a list of names, emails and the date you would like the access to start.  We will email each person instructions and their unique login details on the date you ask us to, which is usually the day before you are going to use it to make sure everyone has received their details.

Heather Ellis

Primary School in Victoria


"Honestly, words can not describe how amazing the online SMART Spelling PD was for our whole school. Many teachers mentioned it was the best PD they had EVER attended and many are very experienced teachers. The course is clear, easy to follow and gives real life examples for implementation into the classroom.  Every teacher's dream.  The resources fit seamlessly into the already busy curriculum, reducing workload for teachers and improving student outcomes." 

Melissa Roberton

Head of Junior School

Casey Grammar School, Cranbourne


"We have used SMART Spelling successfully for many years.  Our staff and students love spelling as it makes so much sense when taught the SMART way.  We have kept our whole school approach sustainable and consistent by training new staff with the online course.  We simply release a teacher from the classroom and let them complete the course.  It's engaging, easy to follow and well supported with notes and digital materials."

Stuart Bott


Leopold Primary School

"Michelle opened our mind to teaching spelling and simplifying how this is done across the whole school. The professional learning gives us the structure to build our confidence to teach spelling consistently to benefit all our students."

Debbie Humphries

Principal, Kialla Central PS

"We are moving into our third year of implementing the SMART Spelling Approach.  Our staff have found a new passion for teaching spelling. It is practical way to teach spelling and it just makes sense!  Our students talk the talk, walk the walk & are transferring it to their writing, reading and across other curriculum areas.  We are massive fans of Michelle, her work!"

Below are schools who have completed the whole school training


There are other schools who trained groups at different times but these are the ones that we know about who trained everyone together.