The whole school package


There are many advantages to a whole school approach.

We all know that consistency is key!  

When staff learn together, they share their enthusiasm. They collaborate, problem solve and support each other.  

Students benefit from using shared language and the cumulative power of building on the previous year's knowledge and understanding.

$187* per person

The Whole School Package

Includes four things:

  1. The course presented by Michelle online or in person*
  2. Printed 48 page notes booklets
  3. The 263 page SMART Spelling manuals
  4. Access to the online Follow Up Course for 12 months  info


There are 2 ways to do the whole school package.  

Either in person at your school or online.   


In person

 *For Michelle to come in person to your school the minimum fee is 40 participants plus travel from Melbourne*.  You may have people from other schools to make up the numbers or you may have less than 40 and just pay the minimum fee.

We bring the manuals and notes booklets for you on the day.  To help make the day a great success, we ask you to please organise a room with these three things in mind.  A data projector that projects high enough for everyone to see clearly.  An 'old fashioned' whiteboard and participants seated facing the front (as much as possible).

We can email you a quote and overview for your school's consideration.  Dates can also be checked via email and we can 'pencil in' a date for a week while a decision is made.

Bookings are confirmed only with a purchase order number from your school and then written confirmation from us.

Email Freddy for details


*The whole school package is only available if you are training your whole school.  We define this as at least all of your classroom teachers.*  Whether that's 3 or 303 depends on your school, there are not minimum numbers!

Each participant gets their own login to do the course with Michelle online (it stays open for a month and they can rewatch during that time).  They can each do the course on their own, in small groups and you can display the course on a large screen and complete it together. To ask Michelle a question, you simply type it in and she will reply as quickly as she is able to (this depends on if she's presenting at that time or not)!

Please place the order in time to allow the manuals and notes booklets to be posted to you.  After you have ordered, just email us a list of names, emails and the date you would like the access to start.  On that day, we will email each person instructions and their unique login details.

Order for your whole school

Mary Swoffer, Head of Junior School, Cobram Anglican Grammar

We cannot praise the online SMART spelling course enough! The videos were clear, informative and the most fantastic part was re-watching certain clips to really master the information that was presented. It has been a terrific platform which we would highly recommend to other schools.

Lucy Keath, Principal, St Joseph's Cobram

At St. Joseph's we have a whole school approach to spelling. All our teachers and learning support have been trained with Michelle to make a whole school impact on our spelling, reading and writing results. All our children have an understanding of the process each week that goes on in spelling sessions. The how to teach the words has made a huge impact on our learners. We have noticed a massive difference to our learners with their spelling using SMART spelling. 

Debbie Humphries, Principal, Kialla Central Primary School

Kialla Central Primary School is moving into our third year of implementing the SMART Spelling Approach.  Our staff have found a new passion for teaching spelling. It is practical way to teach spelling and it just makes sense!  Our students talk the talk, walk the walk & are transferring it to their writing, reading and across other curriculum areas.  We are massive fans of Michelle, her work and generosity in sharing her resources!  Thanks Michelle!