An engaging way to learn spelling words.


Spelling stamps provide a learning experience that children love!  Multisensory and sustainable - our stamps are refillable!

As students sound out a word, they stamp a circle for each sound they hear and then write the spelling patterns inside the circle.  Great for small group work. It's a powerful way to understand spelling concepts like digraphs, when you write 2 letters that make one sound together in the one circle!


Set of 6 stamps $90

(2 black, 2 red and 2 blue) 

Pre-inked and easily refillable!  

Free gift of a set of ink refills (one of each colour) with each set.

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Payment is either with credit card or getting tax invoice for a school to pay later. A tax invoice will be automatically emailed to you straight away and a printed tax invoice will also be included in the parcel. Orders are posted by the very next working day.

Easy to refill



Every school should absolutely have Michelle come to their school. Her passion, knowledge and practical approach has been enlightening. Our entire team cannot wait to finally tackle spelling with confidence and consistency!

Kate Korber, St Thomas More Hadfield, Victoria


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