An engaging way to learn spelling words.


Spelling stamps provide a learning experience that children love!  Multisensory and sustainable - our stamps are refillable!

As students sound out a word, they stamp a circle for each sound they hear and then write the spelling patterns inside the circle.  Great for small group work. It's a powerful way to understand spelling concepts like digraphs, when you write 2 letters that make one sound together in the one circle!


Set of 6 stamps $90

(2 black, 2 red and 2 blue) 

Pre-inked and easily refillable!  

Free set of 3 ink refills with each set of stamps (one of each colour).

Payment by credit card or PayPal. A tax invoice will be emailed to you automatically after purchase. For school orders, payment is available by bank transfer. If you have a purchase order number, enter it at checkout and if not, just leave it blank.

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