SMART Spelling with Michelle!

Yearly subscription to 227 video lessons

for schools

Perfect for differentiation!

Classroom teachers can work with a small group of students while the class works with Michelle via video - from any device!

Spelling lessons from Foundation (Prep) right through to Year 6. 


A lesson on every spelling pattern from the manual! 


The 227 ten minute video lessons include 35 lessons for Foundation (Prep) level and 32 lessons for each Year 1 - 6 level. Each student will have access to every lesson from one login.  The teacher can instruct each student as to which lessons to watch, depending on their individual need.  

These lessons are not organised by year level but by lesson number.  The lesson number matches the page number of that spelling pattern in the manual.


Teachers can work with a small group of students while the class works with Michelle via video - from any device. Alternatively the lesson can be projected at the front of the classroom.

The video lessons are optional for schools who already use this approach and are accessed by logging into this website.

Watch a Year 1 lesson below.


Each lesson has the matching weekly spelling sheet as a PDF to download.

$5 per student

For a Whole School Subscription

With access right through until the end of 2021!

We'll set up your entire school with one login to use school wide.  All staff and students will have access to all 227 lessons from that one login.

One login - Making life easier!


This is available for WHOLE schools only not individual children or individual classes.

Subscribe here for your whole school

3 Payment Options:

Credit card, PayPal at the time of ordering or payment is available later by bank transfer.  If you have a purchase order number from your school, you can enter it at checkout so it's included on the tax invoice and if not, just leave it blank. 

A tax invoice will be emailed to you automatically after purchase.   

Below is the welcome video from the school login area




What does 'whole school' mean?

If you're a primary school then it means Foundation to Year 6, your current enrolment numbers.  If you are in a F-12 school, then it means your junior school. 


How long do we have access to the video lessons?

Until the end of 2021.


How do we get the weekly spelling sheets for each lesson?

They are a PDF download and are located under each video.


As SMART Spelling is used all over Australia, which font have you used?

Comic Sans but students can write their spelling words in whichever font they are used to.


Do we need to be using SMART Spelling at our school?

Yes.  These lessons are for schools that have trained their teachers in this approach.


How do we access the lessons?

The videos are hosted on our website (the videos are not downloadable).  You simply login once to access all of them. 


Can we host the videos on our own platform?

No, they are only hosted on our website. This way we can ensure the correct weekly spelling sheets (and rules when needed) are there to download easily.