The SMART Spelling Manual

The SMART Spelling manual is a 263 page, coil bound resource for teachers that contains:

  • Yearly scope and sequence from Foundation – Year 6

  • Week by week spelling lists – with the words broken up for you!

  • Detailed background on syllables, sounds and letters

  • The 4 SMART Spelling Rules

  • Plural Rules

  • An easy model of differentiation

  • Spelling activities


You will need a copy of the manual and to do the course to implement this approach successfully.

Click here for info on the course and manual combo.


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"I use the SMART Spelling manual all the time.  It's so helpful and has given me so much confidence in teaching spelling explicitly!"

Tracey Murdoch, Year 2 classroom teacher

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"I use Michelle's strategies EVERYDAY. Her books are practical and easy to understand and the children understand what I am explaining because it is telling it how it is."

Tammy Stephens, Speech Pathologist The Rupsey Centre

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The Literacy Restaurant Book 

The SMART Literacy Restaurant Book contains an approach to literacy support. It is not a program, but a menu of suggested teaching activities.  It provides a menu of teaching strategies, that are based on evidence, in a predictable structure of Entrée, Main and Dessert.

  • Entrée:  42 pages of phonological awareness and 19 pages of vocabulary teaching activities.
  • Main: SMART Spelling including checklists of important spelling patterns to teach.
  • Dessert: 17 teaching strategies for reading (7 for decoding, 4 for fluency and 6 for comprehension).

The innovative menu is a quick and easy way to plan and record the sessions.

You can preview some of the pages in the shop by clicking below.

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"Imagine dining at a smorgasbord that offers not only everything you've been craving for, but also tantalises your taste buds to try something different! This has been my experience of using The Literacy Restaurant. Having worked in a Literacy Support capacity for over 15 years, I have been craving for an educational resource to bring flavour and variety to an aspect of learning support that can become dull and repetitive. I've found it to be a comprehensive and versatile tool that reinforces the essential skills for students who struggle, yet also provides variety and flexibility to drill deeply for every learner."

Jane Sheppard, Speech Pathologist and Educational Support Specialist


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